White Rooms, an everlasting love story!

I have a particular strong love of the color white ! It is my go to color because it is a fantastic starting point for any design concept. And I am not the only one as white is the most popular color in design & architecture. Often associated to modernism and minimalism , white has been used for several decades.

White is ALWAYS in style.

White has the distinct qualities of opening up a space and  adding dimension. It invokes elegance and is the color of silence, peace and calm. White has the ability  to enhance and amplify  all natural lighting that can flood a space and creates unique atmospheres .

A simple white backdrop is amazing when you want the other elements of your design to shine. The architectural wood staircase really pops against these white walls.

Ever wonder why art galleries have white walls ? The answer is very simple, the neutral canvas strengthens the visuals of any object, sets center stage for all the details and will not distract the eye. A family picture wall becomes a very simple center focal point.

An entirely white space heightens the impression of limitless space. A perfect canvas to express any design concept!

White is timeless ,classic and has several different tones : Here are my favorite white paint colors !

Sico ‘s NATURAL WHITE , a very neutral white with warm undertones, is suitable for any space.

Benjamin Moore’s CLOUD WHITE , has buttery undertones, great for a space with small amounts of natural light.

Canadian Tire’s all new Premier paint line SNOWY OWL, it is rich and velvety color.

Another great thing about white, is it has the amazing gift of making a space seem larger than it actually is, as it accentuates the feeling of spaciousness and continuity.

White continues to dominate our bathroom designs as it symbolizes purity and cleanliness.

White is absolutely stunning when teamed up with black. Especially if you want a graphic and bold element that will speak for itself!

White is never boring, it unifies the space and softens any architectural challenges that your space might have. A  White is startlingly impressive for older houses for this exact reason ! The visual effect of your crooked floors , uneven base boards and moldings are softened in a 100% white room.

In case you haven’t noticed ? I love white ! This color (even if technically it is not a color) will always be my number ONE .

Be adventurous and try it!

 Caroline K.