Interior Design Firm

I am Caroline, owner & founder of I count myself very lucky and am truly grateful to practice this very creative and fun profession which I absolutely love Interior design.
I am starting this blog to simply share ideas, inspirations, and current projects.

But also, to share my Family Home ‘’my place” projects!

20 years ago, Christian and I used to pass by this particular house over and over, waiting to see a for sale sign.

But this was taking too long 😊 and upon one of our last visits, the house seemed to be abandoned. We then decided to write a letter about who we were and how we would love to purchase this house.

Fate! we received a call from the new owner who had inherited the house from his aunt. The rest is history. This house is full of love and memories that will last a lifetime! I look forward to sharing our ‘’ Thursday night projects’’. This is the insider name that my family uses every time I say. Hey, I have an idea 😊!!

I truly hope you will join me on this amazing journey.