Same Table…Different Occasion!

I am really excited about my first posting about my favorite hobby…. Table settings! Ever since I was a little girl a beautiful table has always caught my eye. My mother was an amazing cook; meal time was always festive around our house. Both my love for design with my love for family meals are perfectly matched up when I can enjoy a beautiful table, the perfect intro for an amazing story!

When we entertain, we put so much time and effort into our meal planning; why not take it a step further with an impeccable table? I love Valentine’s but have never been a fan of red, why not mix it up …use Pink! Having had 3 boys pink has never been part of any decor in my home. In this current blog I have used the pink theme for Valentine’s Day that can be easily recycled for Easter. My absolutely two favorite holidays because chocolate is involved !

You can follow some very simple guidelines for any occasion. By purchasing items that will blend into many different settings.


Everyone should have a simple white set of dishes. White is a perfect foundation to build off of for EVERY and ANY occasion. Gives a perfect neutral back drop to work from!


Valentine’s concept: Simple white dishes

Easter concept : exactly the same as the Valentine’s theme !


This is where you can really get specific! You can add funky colored bowls, very graphic accent plates or original theme items. You can also go through what you have, beautiful mismatched antique dishes make for a great conversation piece and add texture and movement to your setting. Using unconventional items will also activate the conversation. I used a beautiful watering pot to serve lemon water (it was the perfect pink!)

Valentine’s concept: simple inexpensive smaller pink plates were used and great cork heart tags set the mood.

Easter concept : same plates but replaced the cork hearts by colored eggs.



This where you can be creative! You cannot seem to find the perfect table cloth? If you have basic sewing knowledge you could make your own. This will be a great topic for a future blog! In this theme I purchased very inexpensive cloth napkins and folded to the size I needed for my placemat. I also wanted to show the rustic look of this homemade table but I could have easily used a simple white table cloth and pink placemats or an all pink tablecloth.

Valentine’s concept: Pink placemats. Pink paper napkins

Easter concept: exactly the same as the Valentine’s theme!



Fresh flower are always a win -win go to! They bring life to your setting. You do not have to purchase gigantic bouquets; sometimes just a few individual flowers will do the trick. Rummage through your cupboards, find items that will tie into your theme and get creative! Your guests will love the attention you have paid to their space! In this setting I simple took out my favorite board game ever.. SCRABBLE and spelled out words related to Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s concept: fresh branches with little pink flowers, love related words, and candles for the romantic evening setting!

Easter concept: Nothing says Easter like tulips and white bunnies! I could have easily left a little trail of chocolate eggs. A perfect treat after brunch! (or before in my case)


Now you are ready to set an amazing table with love and care to compliment your lovely meal! Enjoy your friends and family!