Discover the transformation of an old barn into a cozy living space: a sustainable renovation project!

photos @ Eric Rowe & Mathieu Pratte

When all was shut down last spring, we rallied together as a family to see how we would navigate these uncharted waters.

« La Grange »

Over the past 20 years, our house has undergone many renovation projects. It’s one of the great pleasures of being homeowners (in our humble opinion)! But for some unknown reason, our yard had fallen a little bit under the radar… We had never paid it much attention!

To keep our family busy and healthy, we were going to renovate this little gem.

To be completely transparent, this turned out to be a much bigger project than we had anticipated. My boys did the bulk of the work (the ‘’heavy lifting”), while on my end, I spent hours developing the concept and trying to find the most beautiful articles on marketplace

The entire project is made of recycled materials and furniture, apart from a new concrete slab.

Imaginer un espace de vie extérieur qui allait accueillir tant nos moments de divertissements que de détente était définitivement un projet hors du commun !


It was a true test of love, but our family emerged from it stronger and more united than ever... An incredibly positive experience!

Do recycling and DIY’s appeal to you?

For our project, we gave a second life to several materials and pieces of furniture! 

Here are some creative ideas & tips for inspiration
A bar made out of beams from the old structure
Reworked wooden pallets to create a large terrace. Thanks to our client LA FERME GUYON
Framed newspaper clippings from November 1905, a nod to the barn’s history
   An old printing trolley recycled to accentuate the essence of « LA GRANGE ». Thank you to our client RICARDO CUISINE

A restored ironing board serves perfectly as a sign for “LA GRANGE”. Flexible according to the event and the age of the party goers!

Fun fact!

« La Grange » is featured in Ricardo's current book Manger ensemble, published in October 2022

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Since its inauguration, enjoying this unique space has been one of our favorite pastimes. A successful project that contributes to our daily well-being!

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Caroline K