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Holiday table ideas

Wow ! Christmas is right around the corner😊. The festive spirit and beautiful design options make this is my absolute favorite time of the year. As 2020 draws to an end, with all the hustle and bustle of this very particular past year, I opted to keep things pretty simple, clean and budget friendly. Here are three different ways to offer your guests and inviting and friendly table.

Farmhouse inspiration

Beautiful matte black cutlery
White linen table Runners
Grey, gold trimmed plates and bowls
Natural Linen fabric napkins
Simple wood ornaments ( from your tree)
Funky wood accents


For a simple centerpiece, trim of a few branches off your Christmas tree and find a funky way of displaying, either directly on your table, wood boxes or vases

For the art factor enlist your cutlery 😊. Find a pattern that pleases your eye and roll with it. By using a geometric and linear pattern, you bring structure and create a bold focal point.

TIP / By running with the same color scheme as your room design, on your table, you are creating a great unified design!

Industrial inspiration

Really cool chalkboard place mats
Beautiful matte black cutlery
Grey, gold trimmed plates and bowls
Natural Linen fabric napkins
Paper star ornaments
Funky wood accents

This set up is perfect if you want a casual feel to your décor. The chalkboard place mats are an amazing way of personalizing your table!

Write your menus, names or really sweet and personal notes to each of your guests. It’s the perfect time of the year to SHOW THE LOVE!

TIP / Remove the Christmas themed ornaments and this table is a go to set up for any 2021 dinner parties😊


Simple & Classic inspiration

White linen runners
Amazing GOLD cutlery
Grey, gold trimmed plates and bowls
Natural Linen fabric napkins
GOLD ornaments
Funky GOLD accents

As soon as GOLD is introduced on your table you are upping up the game and bringing the ‘’Class’’ factor big time!


Again use your cutlery as the focal point, by creating an interesting pattern that will catch your guest’s attention 😊. All will be glitter and GOLD!

TIP / By keeping everything else on the table simple, your table will be so elegant and inviting!


I want to extend my warmest holiday wishes to you and your Family!

Caroline K.