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our summer project ” La grange “

2020 has been a year filled with challenges for all of us! The pandemic has changed our outlook and perspectives on many spheres of our lives.

When all was shut down last spring, we rallied together as a family to see how we would navigate these uncharted waters. Having been working on and renovation our house for the pas 20 years, we had never brought any love to our back yard. At the very front corner of our lot stands an old barn. So, we decided that to keep this family busy, we would renovate the barn!

photo@ David Stefano

A family project, we envisioned an extra outdoor room that would be both for relaxing and entertaining. We quickly realized that the notion of entertaining is very different for my husband and I and my two boys.

A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this project. A real labor of love, our family came out of it stronger and closer. Such an amazingly positive experience amongst all the negativity around us.

This turned out to be a much bigger « pandemic » project than expected 😊. The boys (excluding myself) emptied out this space, stripped it down to the bones and rebuilt this amazing space.  I developed the concept and made lists!!! 😊 Here are some of the before pictures and  for more after picture go to La Grange.

Fun facts:

no 1 : We found original paper clippings in between some beams , they are dated November 1905 !

no 2 : We fond and old army bed cot , which Nikolas , Jerome & myself recycled into a table.

no 3 : A friend of ours graciously gave us some old pallets to create our adjoining terrace.

no 4 : Jeanne our almost Niece , created the amazing sign to name our project!
For the parents – the fun entertaining space LA GRANGE  & for the boys & Jeanne – The party space 😊

No 5 : Jerome & I turned the barn door into a beautiful Instagram worthy bench!

no. 6 : Several recycled and vintage items were recuperated from one of my commercial projects ricardo media . Items used to amplify the « wow » factor of this barn.


no.7 : No wood was purchased to renovate the barn, the boys took out everything plank by plank, cleaned and reinstalled everything ! It did not hurt that Christian is a real handy man and was a general contractor in a prior life 😊

no 8. I finally have a place for this gift from my grandfather, directly from Saskatchewan! For my future grand kids 😊

The finished product even surprised us! We inaugurated « la Grange »  to celebrate a big milestone, Niko’s 18th birthday!!

We love the space and look forward to using it to its full potential once the pandemic will permit. Welcome to  la Grange

Caroline K

White Rooms, an everlasting love story!

I have a particular strong love of the color white ! It is my go to color because it is a fantastic starting point for any design concept. And I am not the only one as white is the most popular color in design & architecture. Often associated to modernism and minimalism , white has been used for several decades.

White is ALWAYS in style.

White has the distinct qualities of opening up a space and  adding dimension. It invokes elegance and is the color of silence, peace and calm. White has the ability  to enhance and amplify  all natural lighting that can flood a space and creates unique atmospheres .

A simple white backdrop is amazing when you want the other elements of your design to shine. The architectural wood staircase really pops against these white walls.

Ever wonder why art galleries have white walls ? The answer is very simple, the neutral canvas strengthens the visuals of any object, sets center stage for all the details and will not distract the eye. A family picture wall becomes a very simple center focal point.

An entirely white space heightens the impression of limitless space. A perfect canvas to express any design concept!

White is timeless ,classic and has several different tones : Here are my favorite white paint colors !

Sico ‘s NATURAL WHITE , a very neutral white with warm undertones, is suitable for any space.

Benjamin Moore’s CLOUD WHITE , has buttery undertones, great for a space with small amounts of natural light.

Canadian Tire’s all new Premier paint line SNOWY OWL, it is rich and velvety color.

Another great thing about white, is it has the amazing gift of making a space seem larger than it actually is, as it accentuates the feeling of spaciousness and continuity.

White continues to dominate our bathroom designs as it symbolizes purity and cleanliness.

White is absolutely stunning when teamed up with black. Especially if you want a graphic and bold element that will speak for itself!

White is never boring, it unifies the space and softens any architectural challenges that your space might have. A  White is startlingly impressive for older houses for this exact reason ! The visual effect of your crooked floors , uneven base boards and moldings are softened in a 100% white room.

In case you haven’t noticed ? I love white ! This color (even if technically it is not a color) will always be my number ONE .

Be adventurous and try it!

 Caroline K.

Holiday table ideas

Wow ! Christmas is right around the corner😊. The festive spirit and beautiful design options make this is my absolute favorite time of the year. As 2020 draws to an end, with all the hustle and bustle of this very particular past year, I opted to keep things pretty simple, clean and budget friendly. Here are three different ways to offer your guests and inviting and friendly table.

Farmhouse inspiration

Beautiful matte black cutlery
White linen table Runners
Grey, gold trimmed plates and bowls
Natural Linen fabric napkins
Simple wood ornaments ( from your tree)
Funky wood accents


For a simple centerpiece, trim of a few branches off your Christmas tree and find a funky way of displaying, either directly on your table, wood boxes or vases

For the art factor enlist your cutlery 😊. Find a pattern that pleases your eye and roll with it. By using a geometric and linear pattern, you bring structure and create a bold focal point.

TIP / By running with the same color scheme as your room design, on your table, you are creating a great unified design!

Industrial inspiration

Really cool chalkboard place mats
Beautiful matte black cutlery
Grey, gold trimmed plates and bowls
Natural Linen fabric napkins
Paper star ornaments
Funky wood accents

This set up is perfect if you want a casual feel to your décor. The chalkboard place mats are an amazing way of personalizing your table!

Write your menus, names or really sweet and personal notes to each of your guests. It’s the perfect time of the year to SHOW THE LOVE!

TIP / Remove the Christmas themed ornaments and this table is a go to set up for any 2021 dinner parties😊


Simple & Classic inspiration

White linen runners
Amazing GOLD cutlery
Grey, gold trimmed plates and bowls
Natural Linen fabric napkins
GOLD ornaments
Funky GOLD accents

As soon as GOLD is introduced on your table you are upping up the game and bringing the ‘’Class’’ factor big time!


Again use your cutlery as the focal point, by creating an interesting pattern that will catch your guest’s attention 😊. All will be glitter and GOLD!

TIP / By keeping everything else on the table simple, your table will be so elegant and inviting!


I want to extend my warmest holiday wishes to you and your Family!

Caroline K.





Table setting ideas!

Treat your table as an art project, allow yourself to plan ahead and try out different options. Take photographs of all your options, a great trick because then your next couple of dinner parties or family suppers will be all set and ready to go. Like when you prepare your meals for the busy work week ? plan ahead.

Inspiration fun and colorful tea towels

Find items that catch your eye that you really love. It could be printed or colorful accent plates, beautiful place mats, simple tea towels or even unexpected and different items.
Good tip: prepare your table the night before, that way on the day of the dinner party you can concentrate on the meal and takes away a lot of the stress of having everything ready on time!

Inspiration oversized leaves and an oversized gold tinted accent plate
Inspiration beautiful reversible place mats

Now let’s get started! The keys to dressing your table are layering and proportions. Think outside the box, have fun and do not limit yourself to the formal etiquette of what goes where. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love a very formal dinner, but they do not come around that often, so in the meantime be adventurous and enjoy a great table right here right now!


Decide on the textile or material you will be using as a place setting and position your main dinner plate. The number of guests and the shape of your table will be your guide. My go to tip is to put each plate in place then I can evaluate how much room I have to play with when dressing up the setting!


Once you have set the main plates, it is time to have fun! If you have an accent plate or bowl, play around with them see where you want to put them. Your napkin is a great way to dress the plate.


Glassware can be placed anywhere( be adventurous) , use it to create graphic lines, pair up water and wine glasses. But visually I prefer to always use the right side of the setting, which is the right place as per etiquette . But we have no rules, so If you did want to try it on the left… Go ahead! I DID.


The silverware is the last item placed because you always want it to complement the setting and create a visual impact.


The icing on the cake … add in your flowers, greenery, table décor. I am more of the less is more type, but sometimes I stray from my normal design signature. Especially with the tropical trend that is so in right now.

We should all have a set of plain white dishes. No matter what the occasion they are the absolute best starting point for any table setting.


Using the same set of white dishes see the following 4 totally different settings. It is fairly easy to build up a neutral base.

Fresh and light

Using tea towels to create a motif on the table, inexpensive fun paper napkins, simple glass vases and flowers to dress it up!  This setting is perfect for a Sunday brunch, or a light lunch .

Perfect recipe – Ricardo’s Asparagus and poached egg salad with buratta !

Bold and graphic

Love with these handmade place mats  , they speak for themselves. Simply add inn a bit of greenery and simple white flowers. Less can be MORE! This setting is perfect for a romantic lunch or a Italian themed meal.

Perfect recipe – GOOP’S  Sausage ragu with orechhiette!

Soft & simple

The soft pink and coral hues are stunning. Creates a calm atmosphere, great for long conversations and  good food !  You can also change up your artwork ,a budget friendly tip, to unify and create interest around your table. This setting is perfect for a girl’s night party ! Bring on the cocktails! I absolutely love these amazing place mats.

Perfect recipe – RICARDO’S  Grapefruit tonic mocktail!

Tropical paradise

This oversized, bright green  leaf was the inspiration for this setting. It instantly livens up the setting. This setting is perfect for  a themed dinner, a or even for the traditional Sunday roasted chicken dinner ?.Like I said think outside the box!

Perfect recipe – GOOPS’S Kitchen sink fried rice!

Bon appetit!

Caroline K.

Let’s start planning our Easter table!

Easter is only a little more than a week away! I like to start gathering all the dishes, utensils, napkins and any other things that i will need for my Easter table beforehand! The soft natural hues are a beautiful contrast to the standard Easter pastel palette. ( Which I also LOVE !)

I made just one purchase for this year’s Easter décor…  Some really pretty accent plates with a simple black and white print of beautiful Easter bunnies! And if you don’t have enough of the same dishes to go around  just mix and match them. This will create a really cool visual interest on your table. Plus, «Mix-and-Match» place settings are just super trendy!

This year I was really inspired to think outside the box! These bunnies are adorable! Can you blame me? I don’t maintain a lot of seasonal decor, but these make great spring & Easter decorations. They’re also perfect for beautiful baby shower decorations or a child’s birthday party!

This Easter, I’m keeping it casual with my everyday dishes,  you can never go wrong with classic white. I always keep my Easter table decorations minimal, so I can enjoy our family meal and get out for our famous Easter egg hunt!

My favorite glassware from Espace Ricardo works well for water, wine & juice !

Don’t be afraid to mix up patterns and texture for interest, like this monochromatic blend of linen and  rustic knitted patterned table runner.

Natural elements, such as burlap cord can be surprising additions, whether as accents on  centerpieces or tied in a simple bow to fasten the silverware.

Now is a wonderful time to  use small plants in steel pots instead of the traditional tulips! Use simple place-mat cards tied onto your napkin for an instant pretty and inexpensive place card solution! Limit the color variations  on your table. You will be pleasantly surprised… It will look spectacular!!!!

RECYCLE – While keeping this monochromatic theme, it becomes really easy to recycle your look for a simple brunch with friends!

Remove the little white bunnies, add in small wood accent spoons with plain white plates and «VOILÀ» ! You are ready!

I Wish you all a very happy Easter !!

Caroline K.

A few Table setting Ideas!

Let’s celebrate the end of WINTER with a few table setting ideas! Fitting that I am posting this today! We had our biggest snowstorm  of the year , this week,  and here in Chambly we got a record snowfall.

I have a few table ideas to inspire your next dinner party, family meal and why not your everyday meals! Take the time to set a beautiful table, you will create small memories that your family will cherish. I absolutely love eating in front of the TV and catching up on all our Tv shows, especially Friday after a long work week!

Like in fashion, by purchasing a few key pieces that you can mix & match for different decors, table setting will become a breeze. Who says you have to be Martha Stewart?

A simple natural cord place mat, can be used in several settings because it is NEUTRAL. Natural linen runners or table cloths are an excellent jumping off point! The key is building and creating layers, to give depth and movement to your table. In these settings I used beautifully patterned bowls to bring color and pattern; I purchased the bowls at the wonderful «ESPACE RICARDO» boutique.

If you want to create a statement centerpiece, a simple DIY project, use a wood plank from your local hardware store. Keep it natural and rough, paint it or simply enhance with an oil finish.


Bringing greenery to the table is so 2017! Use tree branches, they are a great alternative to fresh flower in winter!



Another fun idea, move around the artwork you have in the house, bring your table décor to a new level by integrating curtain pieces with your whole design theme.



Again bring up your game, set the table! Use all your beautiful dishes; do not keep for special occasions only.

Bon appétit!
Caroline K


Work Spaces are an Amazing Business Tool!



Our studio proposes commercial designs that are both refined and creative where concepts strive to find the right balance between “really beautiful” and “really practical.” With the right design, a simple workplace transforms into a living space.

Management v. Design


It is therefore a strategic and profitable business choice as it has a huge impact on various aspects of business management.

Small or medium-sized business, grand vision


The game is changing for SMEs. Space planning often represents an expense rather than an investment, when it is in fact a growth driver.

Agile design


It is in this spirit that our studio veers off the beaten path . Our working method is minimalist when it comes to stages and stakeholders and maximalist with regard to the finished product. All this within the budget framework. And with specific objectives in mind.

Maximise ft2


Or minimize rental costs and structure the space to meet current and future needs.

Enhance recruitment


Without a doubt, this is the most effective secret weapon for recruiting and retaining the best candidates: if it comes down to two comparable offers, space planning can be the deciding factor in favour of qualitative criteria.

Set loyalty in stone


If they are innovative, enthusiastic and creative, the best players are as hard to retain as they are to recruit. Spaces that promote well-being, esprit de corps and the tangible realization of a company’s values have the power to increase their commitment.

Boost productivity


The creation of spaces clearly earmarked for work or socializing and for working alone or as a team has the power to improve concentration and often avoid costly missteps.

Opens doors to brand experience


It is just as important to offer an experience, history, a moment as it is to present a positive image of a thriving company. The office acts as a brand ambassador of sorts.




Same Table…Different Occasion!

I am really excited about my first posting about my favorite hobby…. Table settings!  Ever since I was a little girl a beautiful table has always caught my eye. My mother was an amazing cook; meal time was always festive around our house.  Both my love for design with my love for family meals are perfectly matched up when I can enjoy a beautiful table, the perfect intro for an amazing story!

When we entertain, we put so much time and effort into our meal planning; why not take it a step further with an impeccable table? I love Valentine’s but have never been a fan of red, why not mix it up …use Pink! Having had 3 boys pink has never been part of any decor in my home. In this current blog I have used the pink theme for Valentine’s Day that can be easily recycled for Easter. My absolutely two favorite holidays because chocolate is involved !

You can follow some very simple guidelines for any occasion. By purchasing items that will blend into many different settings.


Everyone should have a simple white set of dishes. White is a perfect foundation to build off of for EVERY and ANY occasion. Gives a perfect neutral back drop to work from!


Valentine’s concept: Simple white dishes

Easter concept : exactly the same as the Valentine’s theme !


This is where you can really get specific! You can add funky colored bowls, very graphic accent plates or original theme items. You can also go through what you have, beautiful mismatched antique dishes make for a great conversation piece and add texture and movement to your setting. Using unconventional items will also activate the conversation. I used a beautiful watering pot to serve lemon water (it was the perfect pink!)

Valentine’s concept: simple inexpensive smaller pink plates were used and great cork heart tags set the mood.

Easter concept : same plates but replaced the cork hearts by colored eggs.



This where you can be creative! You cannot seem to find the perfect table cloth? If you have basic sewing knowledge you could make your own. This will be a great topic for a future blog! In this theme I purchased very inexpensive cloth napkins and folded to the size I needed for my placemat. I also wanted to show the rustic look of this homemade table but I could have easily used a simple white table cloth and pink placemats or an all pink tablecloth.

Valentine’s concept: Pink placemats. Pink paper napkins

Easter concept: exactly the same as the Valentine’s theme!



Fresh flower are always a win -win go to! They bring life to your setting. You do not have to purchase gigantic bouquets; sometimes just a few individual flowers will do the trick. Rummage through your cupboards, find items that will tie into your theme and get creative! Your guests will love the attention you have paid to their space! In this setting I simple took out my favorite board game ever.. SCRABBLE and spelled out words related to Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s concept: fresh branches with little pink flowers, love related words, and candles for the romantic evening setting!

Easter concept: Nothing says Easter like tulips and white bunnies! I could have easily left a little trail of chocolate eggs. A perfect treat after brunch! (or before in my case)


Now you are ready to set an amazing table with love and care to compliment your lovely meal! Enjoy your friends and family!